About the Artist:
I’m sneaking up on my 76th birthday and have been involved with art and wood in one form or another for at least 70 of those years. Beginning in the 1930’s when money was scarce and store bought toys were as scarce I would make frequent trips to the lumberyard in my home town of Princeton, Illinois to bum wood scraps to be turned in to toys. The satisfaction of turning scrap wood into toys and now art has to surpass any enjoyment I could have possibly gained from being given numerous modern toys -- such as a $100.00 game controller that took me no effort to acquire.

My first paying art work came from hand painting the company logo of a major tree service on a half dozen neckties and a pen and ink drawing for the business cards of a local chiropractor. Following 4 years in the Air Force and 4 years working as a carpenter with a custom builder I went into the commercial sign business doing hand lettering and design work. While the sign business paid a living for my family and I, along the way I have made and sold old Navajo style silver work, leather craft and landscape photography. In my “spare” time I crafted country barn wood furniture and did some carving on gunstocks. If the Lord were to grant me another 75 years I would never run out of artistic projects I would like to do.

Trollton is the mythical village of a group of mild mannered Swedish trolls that suffer from the reputation of their mythical cousins in other parts of Scandinavia and middle Europe. These trolls have lived under rocks in Sweden for many millennia. It’s said that when you smell food cooking when walking through the forests of Sweden the smell comes from these mild mannered trolls cooking their meals.

My idea is to design an attractive enough village that they might wish to move to above ground homes.

The Trollton series will be limited to the bark salvaged from two 80 to 100 year old Cottonwood trees from the Boulder Co., Colo. fairgrounds that had to be cut down due to age and lightning damage. I thought it would be great if these trees could live on in these bark carvings. Each one from an individual piece of bark that determines the size and design of the carving, making each one truley one of a kind.

Wm. L. “Bill” Wright

Trollton village was established in the year 1919 by a group of mild-mannered Trolls that were forced to emigrate from their Swedish forest homes by the reputation gained by their violent cousins in other parts of Scandinavia and Europe. Once accepted by the USA at Ellis Island they proceeded to "go West" as Horace Greeley had admonished. [read more]

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